Volunteer Projects

Gezer Shluhot recognises the importance of giving back to the community in different projects and donating carrots to the needy.
During the year, we donate to a number of associations who prepare ready meals
or parcels for the needy.
Gezer Shluhot is proud to partake in helping through these different associations.
Gezer Shluhot is always on the lookout for projects we can take upon ourselves for the community we are part of.
In the last few years our workers set up a new area in the animal farm here in the Kibbutz.
The animal farm also employs workers with special needs.
Our workers have also built a covered and accessible sitting area outside the local shop where customers can meet and sit together.

הוקרה על תרומתנו לעמותת לקט ישקראל
הוקרה על תרומתנו לעמותת לקט ישקראל