About Us

At Gezer Shluhot, carrots are our specialty. With a range of world-class products and a thriving export business – and over fifty years of knowledge and expertise – Gezer Shluhot offers you the expertise, technology, and skills necessary to bring you the sweetest and freshest quality carrots, all year round.

We do it all ourselves. From growing to packing, from marketing to exporting, our professional team has the know-how to provide you with the best quality carrots available internationally. Our range of products includes organic, Chantanay, Imperator, mini, and coloured mix. Because we handle the process from A to Z, we have the flexibility to work with you on a personal basis and can meet your specific requirements – both as relates to the timing of your order, and to your exact produce specifications.

The story of our success is intertwined with the history and development of Israel. Gezer Shluhot is located in the historic Bet Shean Valley of Northern Israel, known for its unique combination of rich, fertile soil and a particularly hot climate, and situated at the junction of major crossroads since ancient times. The valley has been home to farmers for thousands of years, and Gezer Shluhot builds on this long tradition of farming but adds a modern twist, applying the most modern technologies and equipment to develop the tastiest product.

Gezer Shluhot is an integral part of an Israeli kibbutz, which is a collective community with a shared social and economic framework, committed to the core values of an unusually strong work ethic, communal agricultural enterprises, full communal engagement, and environmental responsibility. This unusual atmosphere is part of what gives us our strong commitment and love of our work.

We’re proud of our top-quality carrots and ensure that all produce exported by Gezer Shluhot meets the highest local and international regulations and quality standards including  ISO9001, Global G.A.P, BRC, LEAF, SMETA.